Tiralo 1 spare parts

The TIRALO is a robust product, but individual parts may wear out over time.

At the end of the winter, as you prepare for the next beach season, make sure that your Tiralo is in good condition. If you notice, for example, that a tyre is worn or flat, that the seat fabric was torn by accident, or that a screw, a clip or safety sticker has been lost, make a list of the missing or faulty spare parts using the drawing provided (click here) and the list below.

To order spare parts, print the list below by clicking here

Drawing of Tiralo 1 spare parts

Table of Tiralo 1 spare parts
Code SPARE PART DESCRIPTION Spare part number
001 Float + Tiralo label and safety instructions
01A à 01B Complete velcro fastening kit for the float
01C “TIRALO” label
01D “Safety instructions” label
002 Seat fabric
003 Aluminium backrest
005 Front float aluminium tube frame
007 Black end cap, diam. 30
008 Curved aluminium strengthener + spacers
010 Yellow polycarbonate guard + label
10A Black plastic pin to fasten the guard
011 Aluminium tow bar
012 Yellow tow bar handle
013 Tow bar male stainless steel hinge
014 Front wheel fork + yellow guard + tow bar
14A Front wheel stop ring
14C Black end cap, diam. 25
015 Front wheel, diam. 300
016 Blue foot rest fabric
16A Blue cord
017 Black plastic hinge bearing + 2 v11 screws
018 Black clip for the wheels
018B Black clip for the floats
19A Right seat support bar
19B Left seat support bar
020 Rear axle aluminium tube
20A Stainless steel axle for rear wheels
20B Ring for rear wheel axles
021 Rear wheel, diam. 380
22B Oarlock + 2 screws
027 Ring under the fork
028 Sleeve for frame + screw
029 Sleeve for backrest + screw
030 Main frame
30A Velcro for tow bar fastening + screw and washer
30B Front wheel reinforcement ring + 2 screws
031 Float stop ring
033 Black end cap, diam. 22
034 Handlebar sleeve + screw
035 Ring for the handlebar end cap
036 Curved aluminium tube for handlebar end cap
037 Complete rear axle
039 Front reinforcement hinge
040 Backrest stop (tube + end cap + expander + screw)
SPECIFIC PARTS FOR TIRALO VERSION “A” sold as of 27 March 2012
010C Guard pin (replaces ref. 10A)
018C Pin for wheels (replaces ref. 018)
30C Front wheel reinforcement ring + 4 screws (replace ref. 30B)
SCREWS (marine stainless steel)
V01 Kit with 3 screws to fasten the sleeves
V02 Oarlock fastening kit
VO7 Screw + washer to fasten the tow bar Velcro
V09 Screw to fasten the float Velcro
V10 Stainless steel rivet for rear axle and front fork
V11 Screw to fasten the hinge bearing
V12 Screw + washer + nut for backrest hinge
V13 Screw to fasten the backrest strengthener and end stop
V14 Screw + washer + nut for front reinforcement hinge
V15 Stainless steel rivet for tow bar
V16 Packet with 3 valves for Tiralo tyres
V20 Complete Tiralo screw set (78 pieces)

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